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City of Pataska (April 6)

Following up on several issues related to Pataskala, below is an update from Scott Fulton, Planning Director:

  • Can companies still submit development plans? If so, what is the best process? Companies can still submit development plans. Staff is still in the office from time to time, so I would recommend setting up an appointment to submit to ensure that a member of staff is available to receive the submittal.
  • Can builders still get permits (zoning and building)? If so, has the process changed? Zoning permits are still being issued (building comes through the County). The City Planner is in the office at least once a week, typically Tuesday's, and he will review and approve all permits in the que at that time. Permits are taking approximately one week from submittal to returning an approved permit. There is a black drop box in front of City Hall that is checked daily or setting up an appointment to submit are both doable.
  • Are inspections still happening? If so, has the process changed?​Inspections are still happening. The process has not changed, but the Zoning Inspector typically tries to group all inspections on one or two days so that he is not driving back and forth from home to work.
  • Are Council and P&Z going to be meeting remotely and tackling normal business?​Meetings are still being held as scheduled and are being streamed to the public since then cannot attend. That being the case we ran into issues with having a quorum at both BZA and P&Z so those meetings were canceled. Applications scheduled for April will now be heard in May.

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