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City of Delaware building and inspection process and update

As of 3/24/2020

Good afternoon city of Delaware building community.  – Please be advised of some changes to our permitting and inspection operations and protocol here.  These are changes or in addition to the communication previously sent.

In keeping with federal, state, and local emergencies and directives and in an effort to maintain essential operations, we have moved to a very limited staff in office.  Most Planning & Community Development staff (planning, zoning, code enforcement, buildings and inspection) are working remotely including our inspectors. Communication may be delayed and response times to inquiries longer than normal.  Email is a preferred method of communication. 

As a result, I am issuing the following directives and changes at this time.

Effective Immediately

  1. CHANGE - All inspection requests need to be emailed using the inspection request form available on our web site BY 7AM or they will be placed on the next day inspection list.
  2. NEW -  Project managers and contractors –  We know you are often in the habit of scheduling inspections in advance of completing work.  We know you then cancel the requested inspection if work is not completed.  Sometimes this occurs simply because your work is delayed for some legitimate reason as well.  We ask you to stop the practice of pre-scheduling an inspection.  Please wait until you are sure the work is complete and ready for inspection.  We are operating on same day inspections at this time.  Scheduling and then cancelling creates administrative issues on our end and consumes our personnel unnecessarily especially with staff working remotely. Obviously ,there will be legitimate times when cancelling is necessary, we understand that. We are asking for your cooperation in this matter at this time.
  3. CHANGE - NO INSPECTIONS WILL BE CONDUCTED INSIDE OCCUPIED STRUCTURES.  This is a change from the March 13th Item 1 protocol below.  We are still reviewing plans and issuing permits for such.  We will attempt, though likely delayed, remote inspection services when coordinated with our Chief Building Official on a case by case basis via emailed inspection request.
  4. NEW - New construction sites – all contractors shall be out of the area of inspection and remain so while inspectors are on site  allowing the inspector to conduct their inspection alone. Results of the inspection will be noted as per the usual procedure.  Inspectors have full authority to refuse to conduct an inspection for any reason.  Any direction or order given by an inspector shall be immediately complied with or they will leave the job site.  Physical separation is required.
  5. NEW - New Construction site project managers – We are aware many of you are following the responsibility and subcontractor responsibility protocols attached hereto published by the BIA recently.  We would ask you to disclose to us immediately by address/permit number if a job site has had personnel excluded because of contact or symptoms of the virus.  This can be done via the email ( above or communication with our Building Official directly as some of you have already done this morning – we thank you.  We may refuse to conduct an inspection in these cases at the discretion of the Building Official and/or on-site inspector.


We are committed to continuing operations as much as practical within this unique, evolving environment.  We are committed to maintaining safe working conditions for our employees and need your active assistance in this regard.


I thank you for your cooperation and help.

David M. Efland, AICP

Director of Planning & Community Development

Job Site Safety Protocol PDF

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