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City of Columbus

As of 3/16/2020

Effective Monday, inspection staff will not be required to report to the office prior to the start of their workday. Inspectors are permitted to take their city vehicle home for the evening and begin their inspections without first coming to 111 N. Front. Inspections will be assigned to each inspector before their scheduled start time, and each inspector will still be responsible for performing each assigned inspection throughout the day.


Also effective Monday, we are suspending in-person meetings at the front counter and in the review rooms. The PE-I room, Zoning room, and PE-II of the day station will not be staffed. Similarly, meeting requests for inspection supervisor staff, building compliance case managers and other counter meeting activities will be suspended. Customers should instead be directed to call or email the respective section for help with their particular question. Additionally, we are suspending in person one-stop-shop preliminary site compliance meetings, and cancelling board meetings, including Development Commission, BZA, Graphics Commission, etc. for the next 4 weeks. Curtailing these in person contacts is an attempt to limit interactions as much as possible without compromising our mission and responsibility to the citizens of Columbus.  We will still conduct customer meetings by phone or web conference whenever possible. Given that, as of now we will still be creating permits, entering applications, taking payments, and conducting plan review and inspections as usual.


We will be placing a hand sanitizer stand at the front door for customers entering our office. It will be the expectation that anyone visiting our office will be required to sanitize before being seen a receptionist or any customer service representative. We will have this stand stocked as long as supplies last.


It is important that staff ration hand sanitizer supplies to make sure our stock lasts as long as possible. Keep in mind that hand sanitizer is sold out in virtually all retailers, and reorders are not expected to be filled for several weeks. So please do not hoard critical supplies, and limit the use of hand sanitizer unless absolutely necessary. Please use soap and water as often as possible, as supplies are easier to acquire and it is more effective at combating the spread of illness.


We will continue to keep you updated as events unfold and more information becomes available. I want to thank you all for the professionalism that you all have displayed as this situation has evolved. It is important that we all stay calm and measured as we fulfill our charge.


Thank you all for everything that you do in service to our mission.




Scott Messer
Department of Building and Zoning Services
111 N. Front St. / Columbus, Ohio 43215
p 614 645 2075

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