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BIA Commends School Funding Proposal

Columbus OH, March 29—The Building Industry of Central Ohio (BIA) today commended a bipartisan policy proposal from two Ohio House members and a working group of school superintendents which would seek to remedy Ohio’s system of school funding, which currently sees less than 20 percent of schools funded at appropriate levels.

The proposal, led by Rep. Robert Cupp (R-Lima) and Rep. John Patterson (D-Jefferson), would elevate over 85 percent of school districts into the appropriate funding category while making sure no district receives less money than they do today.  

BIA Executive Director Jon Melchi said any time we are funding schools it should be seen as a positive move.

“This proposal is a bold and much-needed initiative for our state. Too often, the building and development community finds opposition to much-needed projects for fear that a district can’t afford any more students. This proposal is a great step in addressing those challenges and the punitive nature our current formula has on growing communities.”

Melchi added, “Growing and thriving schools are a sign of a prosperous community. Central Ohio continues to be the economic growth engine of the state and making sure that our schools are properly funded not only provides opportunities to the children in our region, but also removes a key barrier in meeting the housing needs for our growing workforce and community.”


ABOUT BIA: The Building Industry Association of Central Ohio has represented the homebuilding industry in our region for more than 75 years. The BIA's mission is to advocate for policies which will allow for our industry to meet the growing and diverse needs of our region, promote awareness of the homebuilding industry and the thousands of jobs it supports, provide a path for professional and career development and to serve as a vehicle for networking and industry collaboration.

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